Massage Carihuela

Massage Carihuela or ‘touch’ is one of the oldest ways of healing. If someone punch himself, he automatically rubs the sore spot. When sadness is embraced someone to comfort and babies who are not touched enough, develop less rapidly. According to research, warmth and touch healing because it increases include the amount of oxytocin. This hormone, also called the “cuddle hormone,” promotes a peaceful and quiet feeling. It stimulates the muscles to relax and lowers blood pressure.


Massage Carihuela is healthy because it has various positive effects on the body. For example, activates the blood circulation, relieves the pain and supports the lymph flow which provides an optimal drainage of waste. According to some sources massage carihuela (therapy) affects multiple body systems:

  • massage carihuela
    massage carihuela


  • The stool.
  • Breathing.
  • The lymph nodes.
  • Hormone System.
  • The nervous system.
  • The heart and blood vessels.

The skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It protects against outside influences and forms a natural barrier between the inner and outer world. In addition, someone through his skin in contact with himself and his feelings with others. The skin can tell a lot about someone. For example, what a person eats, how he sleeps, how much fluid he receives and how much stress he has endured. According to massage therapists stress or tension blocks the flow of energy and blood flow. The obstruction of this flow and circulation would lead to:

  • Tiredness.
  • A heavy feeling.
  • Movement Restrictions.
  • Increased muscle tone.
  • A reduced flexibility of muscles.
  • A greater risk of strain and injury.
  • In addition, toxins accumulate in the body. Massage helps to reduce these tensions the body, and gives the opportunity to heal itself with its own energy.


When a voltage touch feels very different than when someone is in a relaxed state. Too much stress can someone lose themselves in the outside world and it is sometimes difficult to get to his own feelings and boundaries. This allows to transfer anyone to feel the world on his shoulders. A massage can return someone back to his body, his own feeling and also its limits. By massaging the skin carefully accumulated stresses can be unleashed and blood circulation can be improved in the body.


A good massage is not only the technique and skill of the masseur is important, but if the person actually has the attention of. When a massage is done by someone with his mind is somewhere else (because he watches television or thinks of his own problems) then the touch is mechanical. That difference can be felt. It is therefore important to find a trained massage therapist. You should treat your first introduced to me, so you know in advance that you are in good hands with the masseur.

In addition to training and experience, brought a smile to your home with:

  • Camilla
  • Disposable cover
  • Oil.
  • Disposable cap
  • Alarm
  • Pen drive with relaxing music
  • Disinfectant
  • Good faith
  • Products added service


  • Fee
  • A towel.
  • Real possibility to park right at the door or maximum 5 minutes walk
  • The space for the table of standard measure, aprximados meters (2 × 1)
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Our team is made ​​up of a qualified massage therapists who specialize in descontracturantes treatments, experience in dealing with the patient as elsewhere, makes us say clearly is a high-confidence, and could indicate that among its most important conditions are punctuality, honesty, good practice and unconditional condition of service to the company and consequently our most important asset you are, our patients.

  • Quiromassage title in the Superior School quiromassage (Madrid).
  • Reflexology title in the School of Quiromasaje (Madrid).
  • Title Balinese massage in collective Training School Vander (Málaga).
  • Two years experience in a holiday resort reserved for Dutch (Torremolinos).
  • Spa experience Elizabeth Farnese in the Granja de San Ildefonso hotel.


20 minutes € 20,-
60 minutes € 40,-