Acupuntura, elemento madera

Many people believe that their hobby is a lifestyle. We have the confidence that acupuncture is a way of life and a different way of life. Eastern medicine is based on good habits and a healthy way of life in which body, mind and spirit are one. For different reasons as the medium itself, work, responsibilities body may file a state that is not good, you can even originate malaise and conditions or diseases.

Dominant in one of the elements – Acupuncture wood element

The practice of acupuncture try to rebalance the energy and clear blockages. In Masaje Carihuela be dominant in each one of the elements, for example wood Ana Toledo is  going to talk about wood, but do not take is equally misleading pine barren soil leaves or oak wood quoted. Now deep in the acupuncture wood element virtue is the flexibility and generosity. You can give a wood person before receiving and not even think about aspects of selfishness.

As all is not well within the pathologies, I may be anger anger, these emotionsblock the gallbladder and liver, causing alterations in these organs. Anger can thus harm other individuals in other element predominates. For this reason these people have to learn these emotions anger and not to surface the good things not wood. Another advantage that wood is the expansion, development and creative power.  Therefore acupuncture teaches us how to live to keep our body healthy and in balance. Acupuncture wood element!

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