Relax & Balance Massage Carihuela Torremolinos Malaga

Do you need a Massage to balance or Relax massage. Masaje Carihuela Torremolinos Malaga is the right place to be. Ana gives you a warm welcome. I speak spanish & english. Also tourists from other countries like holland are very welcome! Massage or ‘touch’ is one of the oldest ways of healing. If someone punch himself, he automatically rubs the sore spot. When sadness is embraced someone to comfort and babies who are not touched enough, develop less rapidly. According to research, warmth and touch healing because it increases include the amount of oxytocin. This hormone, also called the “cuddle hormone,” promotes a peaceful and quiet feeling. It stimulates the muscles to relax and lowers blood pressure. Also see masseuses in Madrid. You’re welcom, please read about the different types of massages on my website!

Ana Toledo

  • Massage Carihuela beach

    by Ana Toledo

The different types of massages we give

Our team

Our team is made ​​up of a qualified massage therapists who specialize in descontracturantes treatments, experience in dealing with the patient as elsewhere, makes us say clearly is a high-confidence, and could indicate that among its most important conditions are punctuality, honesty, good practice and unconditional condition of service to the company and consequently our most important asset you are, our patients.

  • Quiromassage title in the Superior School quiromassage (Madrid).Massage carihuela torremolinosMassage carihuela torremolinos
  • Reflexology title in the School of Quiromasaje (Madrid).
  • Title Balinese massage in collective Training School Vander (Málaga).
  • Two years experience in a holiday resort reserved for Dutch (Torremolinos).
  • Spa experience Elizabeth Farnese in the Granja de San Ildefonso hotel.