One of the most common ailments among all people is sciatica, to understand this is a brief and unscientific information. The sciatic nerve or muscle located between lumbar and bone below the hip cuza pyramidal, this is along the leg, when not stretch enough sciatic clamped.

Sciatica is being recognized when lying face up with legs extended, we raise one of them and a lot of pain appears.

Sciatica pain while standing, walking and sitting still. You can originate pain in the lower back, buttocks or back of the knee or thigh, hip.

First visit your doctor may be (in the minority of cases) nerve roots that are narrow or badly damaged, and may move some intervertebral disc, this as well as spinal dehydration or heterotopic ossification as I say not often given if you have undergone surgery or not go to the doctor to move.

It should not be alarmed if you have trouble although this will take a long time, for two or three sessions of massage passed sciatica.

You can usually apply cold during the first two or three days and then can get hot. And you can do these exercises:

_wsb_150x120_ciatica1- Sit in a chair and cross your legs as men do, right over left. Lower the right knee that is on edge. Keep the stretch 16 seconds, do a few times with each leg.



_wsb_150x120_ci$C3$A1tico2- Parallel feet, one step back where you stop stretching notes few seconds. Note that the front foot does not have the knee before the ankle. Hold for three breaths. 3- The picture says it all, you approach one knee which is ninety degrees and move away the other, which is closer.