Within our team of physiotherapists at physiotherapy Carihuela we have specialists in three major areas of the race, as the case of each patient therapy helps you see what better and more immediately, always treating each patient with total respect. The three parties that have tried segmented into massages and techniques the therapies are:

Osteopathy, puncture and Mobilization neuromeningeal Seca – physiotherapy Carihuela

Physiotherapy is a science of health branch, which is responsible for treating some diseases and physical injuries that occur with pain limiting movement. The purpose is to eliminate pain and improve mobility. This is achieved by applying different manual and physical techniques.

The techniques used by physiotherapists in recovery from injuries are:

Thermotherapy (heat), cryotherapy (cold), exercise therapy (stretching and specific demonstrations), electrotherapy (using different electric currents) and magnet (use of different types of waves, such as microwave, short wave and magnetic wave).

Osteopathy – physiotherapy Carihuela

It is a specific technique of physical therapy, which treats injuries and pain in patients with various handling articular level. Always look for normalizing the joint and achieve the right balance of the body.

The therapist who treats you in have specific training and a thorough knowledge of the physiology of the patient.

Dry needling – physiotherapy Carihuela

It is a specific technique of physical therapy, which treats chronic pain and acute injuries and diseases of the patient.

Eliminating pain and stiffness that occurs in the lesion using an acupuncture needle.

The specialist who treats him well in is required for a specific physiotherapist specific training and a thorough understanding of the pathophysiology of the patient.

Neurological mobilization – physiotherapy Carihuela

It is a specific technique of physical therapy, which treats chronic and acute pain from injuries .

Our specialists by applying different manipulations on the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system (spinal cord and brain) treat pain. You must know in depth the pathophysiology of this specialized physiotherapist patient to try him from

Yourself can take your choice between these modes can advise once or contact us.

physiotherapy Carihuela

physiotherapy Carihuela

Our team is made ​​up of a qualified massage therapists who specialize in descontracturantes treatments, experience in dealing with the patient as elsewhere, makes us say clearly is a high-confidence, and could indicate that among its most important conditions are punctuality, honesty, good practice and unconditional condition of service to the company and consequently our most important asset you are, our patients.

  • Quiromassage title in the Superior School quiromassage (Madrid).
  • Reflexology title in the School of Quiromasaje (Madrid).
  • Title Balinese massage in collective Training School Vander (Málaga).
  • Two years experience in a holiday resort reserved for Dutch (Torremolinos).
  • Spa experience Elizabeth Farnese in the Granja de San Ildefonso hotel.