By Osteopathy help re-balance the body focusing on the structure, thereby improving the functioning of the body. Try to eliminate the cause of pain with specific manipulations. It is based on the belief that the bones, muscles, joints and connective tissue not only have the obvious function of being part of our body, but play a central role in maintaining health. In this aspect treats the person as an entity where multiple aspects are included, ESI himself is acupuncture for example.

Our team is made ​​up of a qualified massage therapists who specialize in descontracturantes treatments, experience in dealing with the patient as elsewhere, makes us say clearly is a high-confidence, and could indicate that among its most important conditions are punctuality, honesty, good practice and unconditional condition of service to the company and consequently our most important asset you are, our patients.

  • Quiromassage title in the Superior School quiromassage (Madrid).
  • Reflexology title in the School of Quiromasaje (Madrid).
  • Title Balinese massage in collective Training School Vander (Málaga).
  • Two years experience in a holiday resort reserved for Dutch (Torremolinos).
  • Spa experience Elizabeth Farnese in the Granja de San Ildefonso hotel.