Acupuncture carihuela

Acupuncture Carihuela is an ancient technique that has been practiced for thousands of years (there is talk of over 5000) and that involves the insertion of fine needles into a so-called acupuncture points.

Oriental medicine is based on the theory of 5 elements: Water-Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal and believes in the existence of channels in the body through which flows the Qi (energy).

When are deregulated energy blockages in the channels and spots occur, and when the pathology or alteration of internal organs occurs. By inserting these needles and giving pure moxa heat, (made of resin and plants) in appropriate areas, seeking to restore and maintain health at the same time, acupuncture teaches us why sick and how to live to try Prevent block us.

We use good quality needles and sterile single use.

The traditional well-practiced acupuncture is safe and side effects that are positive. WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes and recommended in many cases. Oriental medicine coexists with the West.

Acupuncture carihuela can help in:

Dolores  joint, muscle aches, located for example in the stomach, head, kidney pains. Also help in  inflammations  eg  sprain, or a blow.

On the other hand it serves as a treatment  slimming , to  quit smoking , spend crisis  anxiety  that can cause phase as before and after a divorce situation. Depression.  Allergies.  Cancer.

Acupuncture Carihuela

Acupuncture Carihuela

In addition to training and experience, brought a smile to your home with:

  • Camilla
  • Disposable cover
  • Oil.
  • Disposable cap
  • Alarm
  • Pen drive with relaxing music
  • Disinfectant
  • Good faith
  • Products added service


  • Fee
  • A towel.
  • Real possibility to park right at the door or maximum 5 minutes walk
  • The space for the table of standard measure, aprximados meters (2 × 1)
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Our team is made ​​up of a qualified massage therapists who specialize in descontracturantes treatments, experience in dealing with the patient as elsewhere, makes us say clearly is a high-confidence, and could indicate that among its most important conditions are punctuality, honesty, good practice and unconditional condition of service to the company and consequently our most important asset you are, our patients.

  • Quiromassage title in the Superior School quiromassage (Madrid).
  • Reflexology title in the School of Quiromasaje (Madrid).
  • Title Balinese massage in collective Training School Vander (Málaga).
  • Two years experience in a holiday resort reserved for Dutch (Torremolinos).
  • Spa experience Elizabeth Farnese in the Granja de San Ildefonso hotel.